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Somerset Consulting & Thermography, Inc. provides a broad range of forensic surveys and evaluation services with regard to roofs, flashings, exterior envelopes, and waterproofing systems. Our evaluation process is based upon our reputation for thoroughness and accuracy, combined with our intimate knowledge of how systems function. All evaluations are performed with the general principles that should be applied to all types of surveys:

  1. Identify the existing system type.
  2. Establish existing conditions.
  3. Assess the problem(s).
  4. Determine the solutions.

While these principles may seem basic in nature, they apply to a wide range of survey types, including:

  • System evaluations to determine repair and replacement needs.
  • Leak / moisture intrusion evaluations.
  • General condition assessments.
  • Budgetary cost estimating.
  • Life cycle cost analysis.
  • Code review.
  • Pre-purchase analysis (Due Diligence).
  • Core sampling and asbestos testing.
  • Moisture surveys (invasive and non-invasive).
  • Expert witness / mediation / litigation services.

SCTI assembles documents that use a combination of strong and knowledgeable technical writing with detailed and concise graphics to clearly illustrate the point of a report. The intent is to thoroughly and accurately document conditions so that the problem(s) can be identified and properly addressed based on criteria identified during the assessment. A thorough understanding of the problem(s) must be evident so that a strong conclusion and recommendation will answer the client’s questions. Our technical expertise and full host of resources allows SCTI to produce results that we believe are second to none.