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Our experience and philosophy with regard to evaluations and inspections is coupled with our knowledge of good design practices. Somerset Consulting &  Thermography, Inc. has extensive experience with system design for roof replacement projects. One of Roof replacement design requires skilled and informed decision-making. Determination of design criteria is one of the keys to identifying potential roof system options. SCTI employs consistent evaluation techniques to determine design criteria and to process overall system selection. Key items that are considered when determining replacement systems include:

  • Results of the forensic evaluation.
  • Historical performance of the existing system.
  • Environmental conditions.
  • Performance enhancement options.
  • Building construction.
  • Building function.
  • The future of the building.
  • Typical maintenance activities and protocol
  • Building code upgrades (insulation, seismic, drainage, etc.).
  • Life cycle cost analysis.
  • Budget allocations.