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It is no secret that clear and concise contract documents are one of the keys to a successful project. When assembling documents for construction contracts, Somerset Consulting & Thermography, Inc. assures that all scope of work items are clearly indicated and all code-related issues are addressed. Whether the permitting process is relatively simple or complex, SCTI will work to make the process streamlined for our clients.

When a project includes structural improvements (i.e. reinforcing a roof deck and roof-to-wall connections, installation of fall protection systems, roof deck replacement, etc.), the documents will clearly identify what the scope of work is. All pertinent structural calculations are submitted with the contract documents for a review by the local governing agency.

In order to publish clear and concise contract documents, a consultant team must be fully aware of the project scope, and the documents must address all details pertaining to that scope. Proper investigations are required during the design development phases of the project in order to collect the right information. The information that is gathered must be interpreted in the form of drawings and technical specifications that can be understood by the appropriate “audience.”

Documents that are produced and published by SCTI are assembled with the goal of fully addressing the scope of work contemplated and avoiding any unnecessary change orders during the construction contract.