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New buildings are constantly being designed and constructed. Building additions, alterations, and remodel projects occur even more frequently than new construction, and more often than not, involve varying degrees of involvement at the roof, flashings, and exterior envelope and waterproofing systems. Some building trends are producing more complex designs, and new materials can offer even more challenges. Somerset Consulting & Thermography, Inc. specializes in designing systems and assemblies that are watertight at the roof, as well as the entire building envelope. Whether new construction or modifications to an existing building, SCTI provides specialty services in the form of design review for clients, which include building owners, architects, engineers, and general contractors.

The goal of SCTI is to provide design review services that provide our clients with educated solutions to sometimes difficult (and not so difficult) roofing, flashing, and waterproofing designs. As many have come to know, “industry standards” do not always apply to all building designs and flashing details. In many cases, it takes creative solutions to come up with a resolution that is both long-term and low-maintenance. Keeping up to date on roofing and flashing products and installation standards is our business, and our reference library is one of our most useful tools. PRC takes pride in the ability to improve exterior design details to provide an installation that will serve beyond a “standard” service life.