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Somerset Consulting & Thermography, Inc. has extensive experience with system design for roof repair projects. Along with extensive research and design principles for roof replacement, SCTI strives to provide reliable solutions for roof repairs. It is important to understand that all roof systems have a service life, some with longer life spans than others. The main objective when approaching the option to repair a roof system is to enhance the original investment made when the roof system was installed.

The primary purposes of roof repairs are to control current leaks and prevent potential leaks. With just about any roof system, timing is everything. Almost all roof systems have a repair cycle, which is a time in the roof’s life when a “tune-up” may be required to extend its maximum estimated life. A proactive approach is important in an effort to minimize interior disruption (in the form of leaks), and to maximize the life of the system.

Roof repairs should not be addressed by a “band-aid” approach; permanent solutions should be evaluated and designed to provide long-term performance so that repairs can, at the very least, match the life of the roof system on which they are being installed. Product selection is an important part of the design process due to the fact that not all products are compatible with all roof system types.

Roof repairs range from simple to complex depending upon roof system type, building function, and building complexity, as well as the age of the roof that is being considered for repair. SCTI recognizes the fact that limited capital improvement funds can defer roof replacement, which in turn triggers the need for a roof repair project to extend life. It should also be noted, however, that it is very important to understand when implementing a roof repair project simply does not make economical sense and will ultimately result in a waste of funds.