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Roof maintenance and repair can, more often than not, consume large proportions of a building owner’s overall maintenance budget each year. Building and facility managers responsible for managing numerous buildings often find themselves without the means to evaluate information provided by roofing contractors, suppliers, and manufacturers because of the inherent special interest involved. Roofs that are not managed and maintained properly often fail prematurely, resulting in roof leaks. Roof leaks can cause long-term building damage, immediate damage to building equipment and contents, and can disrupt normal business operations. Problems like these can be very costly.

Somerset Consulting & Thermography, Inc. offers specialized roof management services designed to be proactive. We have developed a computer program specifically designed for customized roof management programs. Our graphically-oriented database contains information about existing conditions combined with detailed analyses and evaluations of these conditions. The data that is entered and evaluated can appropriately assist in generating appropriate recommendations regarding maintenance, management, repair, and replacement options.

SCTI’s technical staff evaluates each roof area that covers a building by performing precise tasks, such as: core testing, where required, to determine the type and condition of existing roof membrane, insulation, vapor barrier and other membrane components; identification of building structure and deck types; identification of drainage type, slope, and other related conditions; and establishment of key design criteria for each roof area.

Once the roof system is evaluated in the field, information is entered into our system, and maintenance, management, and repair methods are specific to each roof area are recorded. With this input, the program is then capable of providing data such as:

  • Scheduled maintenance and management activities, in both text and graphic formats.
  • Recommended repair activities scheduled over the life of the existing roof system, complete with graphics and strategies.
  • Replacement roof system options, costs, and schedules, plus life cycle cost analysis for replacement options.
  • 20-year repair and replacement costs.
  • 20-year repair and replacement schedules.
  • Repair history and leak history, as well as future leak management.

Our system is intended to be used as an on-going program as conditions change, updating data as time goes by. Its flexible design allows it to be customized for each client’s needs. By implementing an effective roof management program, SCTI can help a building owner or manager make informed decisions regarding roof maintenance, repair, and replacement options throughout the life of the building.