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Independent Consultants for Roofing & Waterproofing Systems

Somerset Consulting & Thermography, Inc. is an independent consulting firm providing roof, waterproofing, and building envelope consulting services for the Atlantic Northeast and beyond.

Our role in the industry is to provide a professional, independent, third party position and opinion with no outside influences that would create a conflict of interest. Somerset Consulting & Thermography, Inc. is an independent technical service and consulting firm registered as a corporation in the State of New Jersey, specializing in evaluation, design, inspection, and management of roofing, flashing, waterproofing, and exterior building envelope systems. The firm was incorporated in 2012 with the philosophy of providing high quality consulting services tailored to meet each client's design, budget, and scheduling needs.

The principals and employees of SCTI have extensive knowledge and experience in roofing, waterproofing, and exterior envelope construction. Since the inception of the firm, we have been providing exceptional evaluation, design, and inspection services, ranging from simple surveys, to in-depth, multiple-building programs, presented in various formats to suit the type of service provided. Our documentation includes concise summaries, with detailed back-up data, and have steered our clients to make informed decisions with regard to exterior components.

SCTI is equipped, staffed, and trained for all types of roof and exterior envelope consulting work. The technical staff is outfitted with proper tools, ladders, testing equipment, moisture detection instruments, and safety and access equipment. Our office includes space for shop equipment, sample handling and evaluation, training, and related activities. The firm's technical library is extensive, and is a most valuable resource.

SCTI employs a computer network operating on a PC platform as a tool to enhance quality and productivity during design, document development, and administrative functions. Industry standard computer applications such as AutoCAD and Microsoft Office are utilized to enhance information exchange among clients and team members. Specialized database applications are utilized for cost estimating, project data storage, and other critical path needs, as well as for our specialized roof management programs.

The objective of SCTI in all undertakings is to provide clients with the highest quality professional services. Accomplishing the planning effort in a positive, open environment attains this objective. Working with clients is a unique opportunity to serve the public and to share in the development of quality facilities.

SCTI approaches individual projects that are assigned by the client using a team concept with active principal involvement. The team approach allows for compact scheduling and maximizes service to the client, as well as takes full advantage of the specific skills of individual members of the team.

Surveys & Evaluations

SCTI provides a broad range of forensic surveys and evaluation services with regard to roofs, flashings, exterior envelopes, and waterproofing systems. Our evaluation process is based upon our reputation for thoroughness and accuracy, combined with our intimate knowledge of how systems function. All evaluations are performed with the general principles that should be applied to all types of surveys. Our technical expertise and full host of resources allows SCTI to produce results that we believe are second to none.

Roof Repair

Somerset Consulting & Thermography, Inc. has extensive experience with system design for roof repair projects. Along with extensive research and design principles for roof replacement, SCTI strives to provide reliable solutions for roof repairs. It is important to understand that all roof systems have a service life, some with longer life spans than others. The main objective when approaching the option to repair a roof system is to enhance the original investment made when the roof system was installed.

Roof Managment

SCTI specializes in roof management services designed to be proactive. We have developed a computer program specifically designed for customized roof management programs. Our graphically-oriented database contains information about existing conditions combined with detailed analyses and evaluations of these conditions. The data that is entered and evaluated can appropriately assist in generating appropriate recommendations regarding maintenance, management, repair, and replacement options.