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Some coin the phrase “cheap insurance” when referring to quality control inspections. Quality control is an important aspect in today’s construction market; it is equally valuable to make informed and intelligent decisions during the design process in order to achieve long-term success.

Somerset Consulting & Thermography, Inc. has special expertise in roof inspection services. Our experience in evaluating, designing, and specifying roof and waterproofing systems has led to our extensive knowledge with regard to proper installation techniques. Our technical staff is trained to conduct thorough and detailed inspections, with services oriented to address important inspection milestones, including:•Setting and establishing project schedules, including critical sequencing aspects.

  • Confirming and documenting system components and materials.
  • Documenting acceptable conditions for system installation.
  • Documenting and recording installation techniques and progress.
  • Documenting potential installation and detailing problems, and making recommendations for improvement, if required.
  • Confirming that installation is in accordance with applicable installation instructions.
  • Confirming final acceptance of the installation.

SCTI is familiar with the importance of documenting construction activities during all phases of a particular project. In the case of quality control inspections during construction, detailed field reports are prepared prior to the start of a project and are customized as required to meet the particular project or client’s needs.

Inspections are supplemented with photography and color reproduction reports distributed to key personnel. Typically, all daily field reports are distributed by the start of the following business day to facilitate correction of items of non-conformance, however, a 24-hour turnaround may be required on occasion depending on complexity of issues. Through detailed quality control inspections, SCTI is able to ensure that specified systems are provided and documented, reducing the risks of individual contractor “value engineering.” SCTI’s inspectors also significantly reduce the risk of construction defects, which can lead to water infiltration, related problems, and costly litigation and repair events.